Voters Made Themselves Clear: Big Oil Should Pay

Across the country, voters of all stripes—and political ideologies—are demanding that we hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for climate change damages.

The Numbers

Earlier this year, the Center for Climate Integrity conducted a national survey to gauge voters’ opinion on climate change issues and corporate accountability.

The results, which echo on-the-ground evidence from campaigns in California and Florida, confirm a majority of voters across the country—regardless of race, age, party, or gender—support holding fossil fuel companies accountable for climate change costs. And when respondents heard about the industry’s con and the actual costs of climate change, 82% of voters said they supported holding corporate polluters accountable.

Our research also shows:

  • 76% of voters say climate change is an issue important to them personally
  • 78% believe corporations should be doing more to address climate change
  • 82% say climate change will harm them personally

Deception Makes a Difference

Fossil fuel companies like Exxon, Shell, and Chevron knew their products would lead to “catastrophic” impacts on the climate since the 1960s. But instead of warning the public and leading the charge on clean energy, they spent millions on the most effective deception campaign in history. Now, taxpayers are left holding the bag for the damages.

After learning about Big Oil’s plan to deceive the public and stick taxpayers with the bill, support for holding fossil fuel companies accountable jumps by 12 points.

All Voters Want Big Oil to Pay Their Fair Share

Climate accountability doesn't just appeal to Democrats: it's a wholly bipartisan, battleground issue, with support from constituents across the political aisle. Voters with varied life experiences, political and socioeconomic backgrounds, and from early primary and swing states spanning the country are interested in making sure fossil fuel companies pay their fair share for climate damages.