Miami Rising for Climate Justice

Join 80+ local groups calling for a just transition from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy

Communities of Color Bear Disproportionate Climate Burden

As climate impacts and costs rise in the Miami region, the burden — monetary and risks to lives and property — falls squarely on residents. And these costs are greater for low-income communities of color, who contributed least to the problem. It’s time for Miami residents to see how much they’ve paid, and will pay, for climate costs.

Tell government officials: Residents have a right to know what climate change is costing them

Perhaps no place in America experiences climate change as acutely as the Miami area. Impacts hit the pocketbook, with costs in the hundreds of millions — and growing annually.

Miamians have a right to know what they’ve already paid, and what protecting their homes and city will cost them in the future.

Join the Miami Climate Alliance to Rise Up on Sept. 8 and urge County and City officials to transparently and thoroughly account for all past and future climate costs.

Snapshot of Damages

Miami, FL $2 billion

That’s how much in annual property tax will be lost from the 494,000 homes in Miami-Dade County that will be at risk from chronic flooding by the end of the century.

Miami, FL $192 million

That’s how much of Miami’s recently passed $400-million general obligation bond is dedicated to sea-rise mitigation and flood prevention.

Florida $102 billion

That’s how much property value sits within three feet of high tide statewide.