Full court press for climate accountability

California leads the pack on climate litigation

With climate cost recovery cases filed by Marin, Santa Cruz and San Mateo Counties as well as the cities of Imperial Beach, Oakland, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Richmond, California communities are leading the call to hold climate polluters accountable.

Snapshot of Damages


That's how many Californians signed a 2016 petition urging AG Becerra to investigate Exxon for potential fraud around climate change impacts

Imperial Beach, CA30%

That's the portion of Imperial Beach — a coastal community south of San Diego that is plaintiff in one of the cost recovery suits against 36 Big Oil & Gas companies — that could be underwater from coastal flooding

San Francisco, CA$39 billion

That's how much of private property value in San Francisco Bay is imperiled by sea level rise

Civic groups urge AG to act

Since 2016, groups such as nurses, unions,, environmental groups and more have urged Attorney General Becerra to open an investigation (similar to those led by Attorneys General Schneiderman and Healy in NY and MA, respectively) into Exxon's potential fraud around climate change.